Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Maintenance Period

I removed the excellent Messy Church exhibition today in preparation for a couple of weeks of maintenance.

Overall, not a huge amount of work required, but the rough list includes:
  • Remove all the cobwebs.
  • Polish the windows (inside and out).
  • Polish the brass hinges and shackles.
  • Clean the light cover.
  • Sweep clean the inside and outside metal work.
  • Inspect for any blemishes in the paintwork that may need touching up.
  • Remove any weeds.
  • Remove the black back board so we can try to date the kiosk.
  • Put the rear railings back in place and paint them black.
  • Re-do any posters that need updating.
  • Add the new advertiser's posters.
We are undecided at this stage whether to put the side railings back in place, mainly because it will spoil the view for younger people to peer in the kiosk.

Should be finished 30 January, ready for the Brookwood Primary School exhibition.