Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Exhibition Weeds!

Well, it has been a few months since we finished the main restoration on the kiosk.
In that time we have had three good exhibitions, and as can be seen from the attached photos, the way nature works in an exhibition in itself. Just over three months since we finished, and the weeds, as well as the regeneration of the tree / bush stump have begun to take over the kiosk. The green actually contrasts well against the red, however it would send out the wrong message if we didn't tidy it up once in a while.

Good feedback on what we are doing with the kiosk, plus people from other villages from around the country stumbling across this blog and making contact, generally asking for advice.

We've suffered no vandal attacks, which really is great news, and flies in the face of what people suspected would happen.

We still need to sort out the railings, but we have some scheduled Expo downtime for the last two weeks of January so we'll aim to put them back in place then. We intend on removing the back board, as we suspect the quarter the kiosk was manufactured may be stamped there.

So, the photo to the right shows the current status of the kiosk tonight since the weeding.