Thursday, 6 May 2010

Glazing Frames and posters

Today, Mrs Beynon from Brookwood School delivered a wonderful set of posters made by the young people in the school which are reproduced here. These posters are situated at the bottom of the black back board. Having the school involved in the kiosk is really good news, and we really appreciate the efforts by the teachers to assist with this project.

The final poster from our advertisers has now gone in the kiosk. Glassmaster have supplied the glass, and can now be considered as the premier supplier of glass for telephone boxes in the district!

Over the past couple of days, Alan has continued directly painting the kiosk. The dome and the crowns have now received the second and final coat of paint. This gives the paint five days to harden ready for Allsigns to complete the gilding next week. The inside frames on each side have had a single coat of paint and won't have another one as these will be covered by the glass and the glazing frames.

 Finally, the outside frames of the west side have had the second coat.

Tomorrow, both Alan and I have the day off and we will focus on sorting out the kiosk. In preparation for that, most of the glazing frames have been prepared with red oxide. The pictures here show the small glazing frames sitting on a pallet drying after a coat of red oxide, and small and large glazing frames hanging on a washing line drying after a coat of red paint.

We expect to glaze the west side completely, if we're lucky that will stop people chucking their litter in the kiosk as they walk past after getting off the train.


  1. This is a fabulous resource. Thank you for taking the time to post the details.
    Its a great restoration project and helps me in my efforts to restore my villages Telephone Box.

    Martin Gray

  2. Is this still relevant for today? Or have things changed? What I'm curious about is how this will carry out, like what will the trend be for this type of stuff?

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