Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Fully glazed

The kiosk early this morning. The sun is shining on to the left side, you can see the glare in the photo. Also, my reflection can be made out in the glass (that didn't happen with the perspex that BT fitted in recent years).

The pane which Allsigns made up for us is now in the kiosk and jolly good it looks too.

We have fitted the new door handle which finishes it off nicely.

Tonight, the door closer having been painted has been refitted back in the kiosk. The glass in the door side has been cleaned up and looks much better. We will attack the other two sides tomorrow night and we'll also fit the two leather door straps. This will conclude our restoration work on the kiosk. I'm also hopeful that Allsigns will gild the crowns tomorrow, although I'm assured it will definitely be done this week. Either way, we'll still be on time, and on budget, which is good news.

The kiosk has been mentioned again in this week's News & Mail, publicising the completion on Sunday. Thank you to Beth for the plug. I hope to publish completed photos before the weekend.


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