Sunday, 16 May 2010

Brookwood Expo Now Open

The rain stayed away long enough for the Brookwood Expo to be offically declared open. Having done all the hard work with Woking Borough Council when the kiosk was in the process of being adopted, Cllr Glynis Preshaw was given the honour of cutting the ribbon that marks the end of the restoration and the beginning of The Brookwood Expo, probably the worlds smallest permanent exhibition hall.

A great many people turned out for the event, with VIPs Tony and Victoria from Unicorn Kiosks making the trip up to witness the opening and check out the quality of the job Alan and I have done. I'm pleased to report that the thumbs up were given.
The media were present too, with Beth from the Woking News & Mail, Jon and the Radio Wey mascot from Radio Wey taking photographs and interviewing people.

Then it was over to Brookwood Social Club for a few beers to celebrate.

Brookwood Expo may be viewed at


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