Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday Progress

Anzac Day today and a good afternoon in Woking with the Scouts celebrating St. Georges Day which meant we didn't get quite as far as originally planned. We are now slightly behind according to our plan, but I'm sure we'll pull it round in time. We scraped off almost the remainder of the paint on the inside early this morning, so I hope we didn't disturb anyone. There is a small amount left which will probably take a couple of hours or so to complete. We also had a tidy up and removed the litter which had built up inside.

The small panes of glass which remain in the kiosk were cleaned up properly today, and with few exceptions look brilliant. This is a relief as the new panes will be crystal clear and we didn't want obvious differences between new and old.

I have confirmed with Tony at Unicorn exactly how the inside paint should be done. The white paint should come down to the top of the bar, immediately below the TELEPHONE sign. Apparently, the white was often painted below as it was subsequently covered with red to make a good join line. Makes perfect sense.

A major milestone was reached during the week when Alan finished making up the large glazing frames. These now need priming prior to being fitted next weekend.

There is an outside chance that the refurbishment of the railings will be complete in time for them to be reinstalled ready for 16 May.

I have also confirmed with Roy at Allsigns that the gilding of the crowns will take place when convenient for Allsigns, week commencing 10 May. This means we have to have the final red coat of paint on several days before that to give the paint time to go off. We are a little short of funds to complete this, so if you would like to gift some money for the gold leaf, please get in contact with me.

Assuming the weather is with us this coming week, we should be in good shape with an almost completed kiosk by Monday evening next weekend.


  1. Kevin, How can I contact you? I would like to know more about costings on this project I am attemting topersuade our council to adopt our last remaining red phone box

  2. Hi Julie,

    Please call me on 03333 409063



  3. Haha wow, I love this man. PLEASE keep posting! Can't wait to read your next blog!

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