Friday, 30 April 2010

Red Oxide Outside and In

Been way too busy recently, but over the course of the week, Alan and I managed to complete scraping the inside. What you can see in the attached photo is a little bit of the original undercoat and the first ever coat of paint. We're not taking it right back, as we don't need to, although prior to red oxiding it, we will go over it with a final dose of paint stripper and a wire brush to get the last of the loose stuff off.
Today the bulk of the kiosk was painted with red oxide. The whole of the outside has been done, and all the inside frames where the glass will be fitted. What remains we hope to do over the weekend if the weather allows us. Our plan is to do the first coat of red and white on Monday, so ideally we need a break over the weekend to finish red oxiding. The second coat we are planning to apply Thursday evening, or maybe Friday to give us some flexibility regarding weather.

The glass is now ready and I shall pick that up tomorrow. We reckon we will fit the panes next weekend.


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