Friday, 2 April 2010

Progress Report

Surprise, Surprise, it's going to rain over this long weekend. Aware of this, it doesn't look like much is going to happen directly on the kiosk, although I have done an hour scraping paint from the third side this morning, and it looks like Sunday morning might be okay for some work. We'll see. There is plenty to do behind the scenes getting glazing frames prepared etc. The photo above shows the current state of the third side. I have scraped a fair bit more down the lower half, but can't get a decent photo. To get to the crown, it looks like we'll have to wedge a ladder down the side and then climb in and stay there. Alternatively, if someone around eight foot lives in the village who could help, that would be cool. We still need to scrape the paint off the roof. A brief look at that shows that the paint is quite flaky so I suspect that won't take too long.

This past week, I've been working primarily on the back of the kiosk. This is easy and at the same time slow going. We're about half way down now, and the technique we're using is to chip away at the paint using the pointy end of the scraper, and then scraping the paint away, it works very well. I'm beginning to wonder if we have actually made the job harder than necessary by using paint stripper. We really need to remove those railings though, as I keep stabbing myself on the pointy bits.

I ordered the glass yesterday from Glassmaster. Delivery is planned for 30 April 2010, and we plan to fit it that long weekend.

Dropped the Fulk Bros. advertising poster in the kiosk this morning. I took the photo a couple of days ago. The picture shows Tony pretending to be busy, while the other chap has just managed to scoot out of the way to save himself embarrassment.

That leaves one final poster to go in, and that is from Glassmaster. Yesterday I told Brian from Glassmaster that I need his artwork by the 30 April. Brian isn't very good with computers, and especially with this Interweb thingy which is why I can mention this, knowing he'll never read it!


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