Thursday, 1 April 2010

Personal Service Marketing Cards

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with someone from Woking's brothel. Actually, I wasn't even aware Woking had a brothel, but apparently it is on Goldsworth Road somewhere. Anyway, the request was for some cards to be displayed in the kiosk.

Now, in London and other big cities, 'ladies of the night' leaving cards in telephone kiosks is quite common place, albeit illegal:

I did say that we were only allowing A4 sized posters in the kiosk, however when the amount of money on offer was mentioned, I decided to sound out Alan's opinion. We agreed that displaying small business sized cards down the right hand side of the advertising board would be possible as there is a limited amount of space there. The money offered would pay for the dedicated kiosk insurance which will cost around £250 per annum. This also means we don't have to add the kiosk to Woking Borough Council's general insurance policy which will save Council Tax payers forking out for preserving our red telephone box.

Morally, it doesn't sit too well, but the ultimate aim of this project is to preserve our heritage. It is well documented that telephone boxes have been used for this type of marketing over the years and still are in places. So we agreed to do a trial run. The attached picture shows half a dozen cards in the kiosk. I can't vouch for the quality of service provided as there isn't enough money in the budget, however if anyone samples these services and is able to report back it will help us decide whether to carry on with this initiative.

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