Friday, 9 April 2010

Getting there...

As can be seen from the two pictures, we are almost there with the scraping. A bit on the back to go which I could have finished this morning if I wasn't so knackered and covered in specks of paint. Interestingly, at the very bottom of the kiosk where the dirt has been piled up for donkey's years, there is virtually no paint left. It will be a case of a thick covering of Nitromors, leave it for half an hour and then wire brush it off, which is good news as the knees can't take prolonged periods bending down.

The roof still needs doing, but I'll need to get a higher set of ladders to reach the top, however what I can see looks to be very flaky, and probably only one coat, so I expect it to be complete fairly quickly.

Most of the third side has been completely stripped.

I think we are on to red oxide the whole of the outside on Sunday.

We have accepted that we are not going to complete the inside by the middle of May, although we intend on getting as far as we can, and certainly by May 16 it will look good inside. It is just unlikely that at this stage we will remove all the paint from the interior. The interior paint has been removed from around the windows which means the finish will be good and the kiosk well protected, but to take the black back board off and scrape the paint off just isn't necessary at the moment.

Ordered the door handle from Unicorn and I'll nip down and pick that up on Wednesday next week.

I'm thinking that I might be able to get the Labour Party to sponsor the kiosk. If we agree to paint it red, they might give us some cash...


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