Monday, 15 March 2010

Progress Report

Alan and I managed to spend a couple of hours working on the kiosk yesterday. My estimate from last week of a couple more hours work and the inside of two of the sides would be ready for red oxiding, proved a tad optimistic. Although, it didn't help that we accidentally broke another small pane of glass, and we discovered a small pane with a fairly small crack in it we had previously missed which we decided to knock out. When removing the small panes, we have to knock the brass pins out, take out the original cast glazing frame, and then deal with rock solid putty. It is a lengthy process. So, with luck we'll be able to red oxide the two sides this weekend - should only be a couple of hours more work...

The final advertising slot was claimed today. Brookwood based Carefully Clean have agreed to contribute towards the maintenance of the kiosk by displaying an advert. I might try to twist their arm and see if they would like to try and clean up the small panes of glass in the kiosk! It does need a careful touch as we have discovered. There are still another two adverts due to go in from Glassmaster and Fulks the butcher, which will happen once I have the artwork.

Also early this evening, the last of the big panes was sponsored. So far, only one small pane out of (now) eight has been sponsored. Although I fear that if we don't get Carefully Clean to sort out the small panes, it could be more.

I am so surprised and pleased that the sponsoring a pane initiative seems to have struck a chord with Brookwood residents and their guests in one case! People do care about communities. We are still looking for funds though, as we still have the gilding to complete, as well as the full refurbishment of the railings and a few bits and bobs on the kiosk, like a new door handle. To all those that have given to this project, thank you.

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