Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Progress Report

It's not a great photo, it was taken on my camera phone, with me holding the camera way above my head pointing down, but it does hightlight some interesting things.

Another couple of hours work, and the inside West side will be ready for priming, along with the inside of the door which is already waiting.

The brass hinges show up well from this picture, which won't be obvious once the kiosk is finished as the door will be locked, only the outside of the hinges will be on display, which we will polish so they look good.

Obviously with the door closing arm removed, the door swings right the way round which is not normal for a K6. The photo shows the outside of the door through the West side windows.

I also scraped some more paint off the third East facing side, we're probably down to bare metal on about 20% of that side now. I'm concentrating on the inside with a priority of red oxiding the two sides this weekend, and also continuing on the third side. Assuming Alan has some time this weekend, we'll take out the remaining plastic windows in the third side and remove the railings round the back of the kiosk.

P.S. Just read the piece in the Woking News & Mail. Quite impressed, a half page spread which I think nicely highlights the community aspect of the project. Better still we don't come across as a bunch of telephone box geeks!

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