Thursday, 11 March 2010

Behind the scenes

The attached picture is the result of the work Alan has been doing behind the scenes. These are two of the refurbished brass shackles with a new leather strap attached. If you look closely at the right hand shackle, it is possible to clearly make out the letters GPO and a small crown above the letter 'P'. You can click on the image and a high resolution version will be displayed. We still need to refurbish the other two when time allows.

I received a wonderful letter today from an elderly Brookwood resident sponsoring a pane and reminising about other red telephone boxes that used to stand in Brookwood. Now there is only one left, and sadly, virtually none in the entire district of Woking.

Finally, this picture is the one that was published on the getsurrey website and similar to the one published in the Woking News & Mail. Both were taken by Grahame Larter and include from left to right: Alan, Roy from Allsigns, Brian from Glassmaster, Caled from Baker's Dozen, me, Tony from Fulks the butchers and Cllr Glynis. I am holding the pane that advises where the nearest working BT phone is.

I have sought permission to use this photo.

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