Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Progress report

It's jolly cold this morning. Scraping paint during snow flurries doesn't appear to be sensible to me!

Almost scraped off the remaining paint from the door side, will probably take about half an hour to finish it off. I'll probably complete this on Friday, and then red oxide that side immediately to protect it. That will then be two sides with an initial coat of primer. I'll then start work on the third side with windows - this will be quite a challenge due to the proximity of the wall and the ivy. I expect to complete that side by the end of February.

Spoke with PCSO Naz about the small bit of vandalism the kiosk suffered last weekend. I need to file it as an official crime, which I'll do this afternoon.

Continued to scrape paint from the inside, it is much easier than the outside (and slightly warmer), as there appears to be fewer layers. One coat of Nitromors seems to be enough to get to bare metal in the couple of places I've tried so far. It was never part of the plan to complete the inside ahead of our May deadline, but you never know, it may be possible, we'll see.

Fulk Bros the Brookwood butcher and Baker's Dozen the Brookwood bakers will be sponsoring the maintenance of the kiosk annually by displaying a poster inside the kiosk. We are lucky in Brookwood that we have the best butcher and the best bakers in Surrey (so it will say on the posters), and it is fantastic that both businesses are happy to be involved in the kiosk restoration and preservation. Their posters mean that there are two remaining advertising spaces left to fill.

The kiosk restoration had a mention this month in the Brookwood News news letter and a link to this very blog. I think a more substantial article will be produced in a future news letter when Mike and I get the time to discuss it.

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