Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Bakers, School & GeoCaching

The poster by the Brookwood bakers, Baker's Dozen has been put into the kiosk today. Slightly different from the others in that it is a photo of the shop with some wording written on it. The picture to the right is a bit small, but the text at the top says, 'Behind you and to the right is maybe the best bakery in all of Surrey!'. I think it sums up our bakers quite well, certainly the granary loaf is excellent, and whenever I ask, I'm assured that the donuts and cakes are virtually fat free! ;)

I continued to scrape the paint from inside the kiosk today (as it is still raining), and we will be in a position to prime this at the weekend if the weather is kind.

I had a chat with Mrs Green at Brookwood Primary School today about how the school could become involved with the kiosk. I'm really pleased with the outcome; the School Council will be tasked with designing a collage / pictures to be displayed in the kiosk for the time we officially finish it. After this, an idea discussed was that each class would design something on a rotational basis to be displayed for a month at a time. I am really grateful to Mrs Green for helping here, as the school and young people are central to the Brookwood community.

Finally, David Spencer (Knaphill resident and kiosk supporter), has suggested we make the kiosk a cache for geocachers to find. For those totally confused at this point, head to this web site: In a sentence, geocaching is where a cache is set, and geocachers 'hunt' for the cache using hand held GPS systems to find it. It is a worldwide activity with several million geocachers hunting for nearly a million caches around the globe. We'll develop this idea, as a cache formed around the kiosk will be quite original. There are already caches in Pirbright, Knaphill and along the Basingstoke Canal.

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