Thursday, 4 February 2010

Another day in the office...

I wish I was a shoe maker rather than a freelance IT consultant, as it would be nice to wander down to the kiosk and discover the elves had finished the job.

Turned a corner today, a good four hours spent this morning. As you can see from the attached picture, a great deal of the door side (North facing) has been cleared of paint. What you can't see is that some of the paint on the inside has been scraped off too. Again, the crown is the fiddly bit, and there's still some more paint to get off it. I've left the actual door for two reasons: a) it is easier to scrape paint off without glass in, and b) although the kiosk is cast iron, the door surround is actually hard wood. As the wood is donkey's years old, I want to scrape the paint off and then prime it the next day. I need to discuss with Alan whether we are able to do some protective work this weekend, which of course, also depends on the weather.

Other developments; dedicated insurance is a no no, as the minimum premium cost on most policies is about £250 per annum. I'm going to see if there is any possibility of adding it to Woking Borough Council's general insurance policy (WBC does own the kiosk afterall). It may automatically be covered for all I know.

I was talking with PCSO Naz yesterday about security of the kiosk. Although crime in Brookwood is fairly low, the kiosk will probably make a nice target for some people to have some fun with. I'm not talking about someone painting it pink with yellow spots overnight, but popping some of the glass etc. We thought that perhaps a dedicated CCTV camera pointing at the kiosk would at the very least give us a chance of catching any undesirables. Coincidentally, Brookwood Social Club is directly across the road, and as I'm a member, I'll have a chat with the committee and see if there is anything they can do to help us.

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