Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sponsor a pane and signage developments

The cost of the laminate glass from Glassmaster in Brookwood, the steel frames and the glazing pins to hold them in comes out at £8.50 per pane. If you would like to sponsor a pane or two, then please contact me via this blog. The intention is to stick a list of personal sponsor names in the kiosk once we have finished the restoration (you could remain anonymous if you so choose).

I've also been talking to Allsigns Woking in Brookwood about providing a film to place over one of the panes explaining that the 'phone box has been restored and that a working BT phone is up the top of the incline by Brookwood Railway Station. This is a better solution to the brass plaque I was intending on putting in. This will look really cool, with the wording done in a red tone as close to the red 539 paint required for the kiosk. Just need to determine the wording now.


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