Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow work progressing on the box

As the picture shows, Brookwood is covered in snow. Nothing doing on the 'phone box directly, but Alan has acquired the steel we need to make the glazing frames for the large panes of glass.

We could buy the 24 frames pre-made, for around £5 each. As we are putting laminated glass in, the pre-drilled holes for the glazing pins are not quite in the right place so we decided to make our own. The cost for the steel is an unbelievable £8. Alan will make the required jig and we'll crack on with the frames over a period of time.

Our plan is to try and get the west facing side (the right hand panel in the picture), restored by the end of March.

There are two poles missing from the black metal railings, and we'll replace those at some point.


  1. Terrific Kevin. Can I sponsor a pane or two ?


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