Friday, 22 January 2010

Prototype Steel Glazing Frame & Brookwood Social Club

Today Alan finished making the jigs required for us to make the steel glazing frames. There are two jigs, one to enable the holes to be drilled in the correct positions, and one to enable all four sides to be held together prior to welding. These pictures show Alan finishing off the welding jig. The red frame in the picture is the frame we purchased from Unicorn. This will give us the ability to make all our own frames with the holes in the correct places.
Finally, we popped along to the kiosk to test the prototype frame in situ with glass. At this point we discovered that the original casting process is not quite precision engineering, so the frame fitted perfectly in some panes, but was a little tight or loose in others. Not that this causes us a problem, as silicone will be used to create a watertight seal.

With the laminated glass and our glazing frame in place, the brass glazing pins matched up perfectly and will hold the panes of glass in fine. This is how they were originally designed, so it is nice to put a little bit of British engineering back in place, rather than continuing down the cheap and quick methodology that seems prevalent these days.

Other updates, a little more paint was removed today. I'm not going to blog this everyday as it is a slow and boring process.

Brookwood Social Club has very generously agreed to donate £40 towards the restoration and then put a poster in the kiosk for the next five years which will help towards maintenance. We are hugely appreciative of this initiative. Brookwood Social Club is directly opposite the kiosk. We hope to finish the phone box in time for the annual Brookwood Social Club bash which is held in May.

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