Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Progress report

Although nothing directly has happened on the kiosk, stuff has been going on behind the scenes.

Over the past couple of days, Alan has cut all the long lengths and short lengths for the glazing frames. The holes have now been drilled. All that is required now, is the welding of each set together to make the complete glazing frame.

I have delivered a pane of glass to Allsigns for them to add the notice film. While there, we modified the font the text would be written in. To keep the costs down, Allsigns had initially chosen a block style font. The Roman font that the 'Telephone' sign is written in is awkward due to the thinness of the typeface. We settled on an alternative font (I can't remember the name right now), which is very similar, and I suspect no one would notice anyway. In all likelihood, the only people who would notice are the readers of this blog, all three of you!

Ordered some parts and the red 539 paint from Unicorn Kiosk Restorations on Monday. Today I popped down to pick the order up as they're only in Reigate and it's cheaper than delivery. I'd ordered another leather door strap, four small glazing frames, three new door hinges and hinge fixing kit. Tony offered to give us four original used small cast glazing frames to ensure we follow the correct style and keep everything uniform within the box. This is an extremely kind gesture, will enhance the kiosk and allow us to keep as close to the original specification as possible. We thank Unicorn for their enormous support - I'm sure our kiosk will be brilliantly finished in part due to their knowledge and generosity.


  1. Hi, any chance you'd be able to find out the typeface you used in the end for the transoms? Or if you discovered what the original was?
    That would be extremely helpful for some work I'm doing on phone boxes,



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